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Technology and Excellence: How EDNA Revolutionizes Communication in Higher Education

In the current era of higher education, where technology plays a crucial role, efficient communication and innovative solutions are essential elements to optimize university operations and deliver exceptional experiences to students and academic staff.


FUNDATEC, a highly prestigious non-profit organization founded in 1987 with the purpose of expanding and enriching the services provided by the Technological Institute of Costa Rica (TEC) to various sectors of society, has successfully adopted the power of EDNA: an AI-powered Omnichannel Platform. This transformative integration has not only automated support processes but also revolutionized marketing campaigns, generating a significant increase in leads and sales for their courses.

Optimizing Conversations with EDNA:

EDNA's Omnichannel Platform has become a game-changer for FUNDATEC by facilitating thousands of meaningful conversations across various digital channels. This unified inbox approach allows FUNDATEC to efficiently manage interactions from platforms such as WhatsApp, email, social media, and more, ensuring smooth and consistent communication. With EDNA's Omnichannel Chatbot, FUNDATEC can engage with potential students, address inquiries promptly, and provide relevant information, contributing to a more personalized and responsive user experience.

Support Automation for Greater Efficiency:

One of the key advantages of incorporating EDNA into FUNDATEC's operations is the automation of support processes. The AI-powered chatbot efficiently handles routine queries, freeing up human resources to focus on more complex tasks. Whether assisting students with enrollment, guiding them through the course selection process, or providing general information, EDNA's automated support ensures quick and accurate responses, contributing to overall customer satisfaction.

Empowering the Power of Conversational Marketing:

Beyond improving customer support, FUNDATEC harnesses EDNA's capabilities for conversational marketing campaigns. The platform's marketing module allows FUNDATEC to create and send personalized conversational campaigns directly to users. By tailoring messages based on users' preferences, interests, and behaviors, FUNDATEC has observed a significant increase in engagement, leads, and ultimately, course sales. This personalized approach not only captures user attention but also fosters a deeper connection between FUNDATEC and its audience.

FUNDATEC's collaboration with EDNA demonstrates the transformative potential of AI-driven solutions to optimize communication, support, and marketing efforts. Through seamless integration of the Omnichannel Platform, FUNDATEC has leveraged the power of automated support and personalized conversational marketing, resulting in increased leads and course sales. As FUNDATEC continues to harness EDNA's capabilities, the organization sets an example of how innovative technology can drive growth, engagement, and success in today's competitive landscape.

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