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Drive loyalty to your brand and attract more customers

Say hello to more leads, high-quality conversions, and happier customers with the smartest conversational marketing solution for modern businesses.

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of sales go to the brand that responds to its customers first. Talk to your customers 24/7


WhatsApp message open rate.

Emails and SMS have open rates of 21.33%.


Companies that excel at personalization generate 40% more revenue from those activities than average.


Not meeting your customer's expectations?

Experience matters more than ever

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Conversational Marketing

Excellent open rates

Unlike email, these days WhatsApp and similar channels enjoy high open rates, in some cases almost 100%. Send campaigns to your customers proactively on the channels they already use.

"EDNA allows us to provide timely attention to our clients through its omnichannel platform. The bot's automations are a great support to achieve the team's goals and the fast and personalized support helps us to continuously improve"

Fabio Marín

Social Media Team, FUNDATEC

Conversational Marketing

Know your customers like never before

Brands that factor personal preferences and behaviors into the customer experience are rewarded with loyalty. The best way to discover the preferences of your customers is simply through a conversation. Create tags to learn about your customers, their preferences and interests, and then have 1-1 conversations that turn into sales.

EDNA Omnichannel Platform
EDNA Omnichannel Platform

Conversational Sales

Conversations that generate engagement

Capture your customers' attention at the right time, in the right place, with the right message. Conversational marketing tools amplify the way your company acts on certain triggers.

"EDNA's ability to automate tasks, deliver fast and accurate responses, and provide deep insight into our customers' behavior has fueled our growth and set us apart in the marketplace"

Angelica Ordoñez 

Marketing Lead, La Piedad


Get a 360 view of your customers 

Customize each Interaction 

Recreate the in-person experience

Some requests require a more human touch to reach an effective resolution. When a face-to-face connection is needed, easily initiate support with video calls and live streaming events directly from the chat.

Data that makes a difference

From conversations to decisions

EDNA gives you key insights into your customer behavior in a robust and customizable analytics dashboard, so you can make decisions that improve your customer experience and drive more sales.

EDNA Omnichannel Platform
EDNA Omnichannel Platform
EDNA Omnichannel Platform

Add superpowers with AI

Augmented Intelligence

Automate conversations with an AI Chatbot to reduce response times and service costs. Plus, it adds an AI personal assistant for each agent to suggest answers, correct grammar and tone, and gauge your customer sentiment.

"The EDNA platform helps us serve our clients from the different educational centers, under the same WhatsApp number in addition to other social network channels, thanks to this we have improved response times and communication in general with our clients. ."
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Darío Jiménez

General Manager, Happy Crayons School


Achieve more with one-click integrations

Connect your CRM, ERP or any other application to EDNA through our native integrations or create custom integrations to suit your needs

WhatsApp GPT
"EDNA has been a great support, this tool strengthens our performance in social networks, at the same time it allows us to develop a communication link with our clients and give immediate answers."
EDNA Omnichannel Platform

Saidy Rodriguez

Sales & Marketing Head, Yamaha


Conversations that turn into sales and loyalty. Everything from one place

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