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AI Teams and the Future of Work: A Vision with EDNA

In a world where hundreds of millions of people spend every hour of their working lives on manual and repetitive tasks, the need for change is evident. Spending a day filling out forms, manually inputting data, or searching for information can be daunting. But what if we told you that Digital Workers are about to change all that?

Digital Workers: Our Future Colleagues

Imagine a future where every workplace includes a multitude of autonomous agents. These agents, known as Digital Workers, will work with precision and efficiency, handling repetitive and mundane tasks. In this world, you will be free from the burden of every manual and mundane intellectual task you currently perform.

So, what work will be left for humans in this future? The answer is simple: all creative value activities. We, as humans, will deploy our attention and energies exclusively to creative tasks. We will focus our work not on time-consuming repetition that can be automated but on solving problems of critical relevance for the future of humanity.

EDNA: Building the Future of Work

For this future to become a reality, three things must exist:

1. An easy-to-use platform,

2. Where people can build Digital Workers for specific and differentiated tasks,

3. And that are easy to implement.

In short, there must be infrastructure to allow millions of people to build, share, and deploy Digital Workers.

This is where EDNA comes in. Today, EDNA launches our most ambitious project yet: AI Teams. AI Teams is a no-code functionality within our EDNA platform that will allow anyone, even without technical knowledge, to create, share, and deploy Digital Workers.

What are AI Teams within EDNA?

The new AI Teams feature in EDNA allows companies to:

- Train AI agents with natural language to incorporate them as colleagues.

- Train them with specific information from your company without code.

- Connect with other systems.

- Orchestrate and delegate tasks among several agents.

- Supervise and manage task production.

We simplify complexity and make it possible for artificial intelligence agents to work autonomously and complete detailed workflows or perform complex tasks with precision and predictability that companies can rely on.

With the rise of Generative Artificial Intelligence, we believe that the way we work is undergoing a fundamental shift and we seek to empower companies to harness it reliably and accurately. At EDNA, we aspire to the benefits of teams that can delegate work to agents that can scale with just the push of a button, using computing power to reduce repetitive and mundane tasks.

In recent months, we have been onboarding clients who have already been using tools on our self-service platform to start creating their Artificial Intelligence Workforce.

Our Approach at EDNA

At EDNA, we're not just another technology company. We are building a new world where work is smarter, faster, and ultra-efficient. Our autonomous agents are powerful tools that will help companies thrive in this rapidly evolving landscape.

The impact of EDNA in the workplace is transformative rather than eliminating. Its aim is to transform the nature of the workforce and the roles performed by workers.

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