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EDNA is a Conversational AI agent that acts as every employee personal assistant



Can you imagine each one of your employees having a personal assistant helping them with tedious and manual tasks?
EDNA is a conversational smart assistant for each employee that can automate up to 40% of manual and repetitive processes while reducing human errors.

How EDNA works

Increase performance: EDNA completes tasks faster than humans and works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Reduce errors: EDNA offers results with 100% accuracy
Reduce costs: By automating almost 40% of tedious and manual tasks 
Add value to the business: Allow employees to focus on value-added activities
Easily scalable: Integrate EDNA with your existing workflows and RPA tools 

"Working with EDNA has been one of the most exciting experiences. Currently I am in charge of the Digital area of ​​the Park and having the assistance of a robot to improve my day to day and that of my clients has been excellent and different from what I had previously experienced. In addition, its staff has a great response time and first-class attention, which motivates me to continue working with them."

                                           Daniella Ortega

Chief of Marketing, Parque Diversiones Costa Rica


Code-free process automation at scale

EDNA uses the ISA methodology to help businesses automate up to 40% of their manual and repetitive processes without programming knowledge


To ensure successful automation, EDNA takes care of process intelligence to select and design the best solution for your current and future situation


The creation of a digital workforce begins in this second stage, so in this stage we will jointly standardize the processes that will be automated


Our proprietary platforms  for process automation (RPA) and virtual assistants (Chathub) merge at this stage to give life to the bots that will grow your business

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Digital Transformation

Combined RPA + Chatbots + AI + Analytics create the only complete platform designed to offer a digital workforce.

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