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How Hyundai revolutionizes its omnichannel strategy and attracts new customers with EDNA

In a highly competitive digital world, Hyundai faced the challenge of providing a seamless and engaging omnichannel experience for its customers. However, thanks to the implementation of EDNA, an AI-powered omnichannel platform, Hyundai has found the perfect solution. In this article, we will explore the pain points Hyundai faced, the solution provided by EDNA, the key features used, the results obtained, and the conclusion of this successful implementation case.

Challenge: Hyundai faced the challenge of offering a consistent and personalized omnichannel experience for its customers. The lack of a comprehensive solution hindered smooth communication and effective interaction with customers across multiple channels, resulting in potential sales loss.

Solution: Hyundai implemented the EDNA platform, which enabled them to integrate their WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram channels, in addition to creating Hyubot, an AI chatbot capable of answering over 90% of inquiries and collecting data from each lead entering through their digital channels. Additionally, Hyundai implemented Live Streaming functionality to broadcast live events directly from the chat, showcasing their vehicles and answering questions in real-time, thereby increasing the sales pipeline.

"EDNA is truly a conversational CRM; we manage our sales funnel from all digital channels from one place." - S. Segura, Head of Online Sales @Hyundai

EDNA Features Used: Hyundai leverages several key features of EDNA to address its needs. These include Live Chat, Chatbot, Sales Funnel, CRM, and Live Streaming.

Results: The implementation of EDNA has provided notable results for Hyundai. There has been a significant improvement in the customer experience, with an increase in overall satisfaction. Additionally, Hyundai has experienced an increase in lead conversion rates and a decrease in average response time, leading to greater operational efficiency.

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